WOD Wear Lifting Straps For (Professional Quality) Powerlifting, CrossFit, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Unisex, Protect Wrists and Hands, Padded, Cotton, Protect Wrists and PR



Increase lifts and get more PRS. Lift more weight while protecting your valuable wrist cartilage from overuse injuries. Look good while training better and safer. What’s better than that? Perfect for multiple sports. Protect your hands from rips and calluses and lift more weight. WOD wear lifting straps are padded and designed to protect your hands while improving grip strength and reducing slippage of the bar. Adjustable strap fits any wrist size, giving you maximum comfort and protection.Ultra-duty hand and wrist protection – more protection equals more weight lifting and results, train safer and more effectively
Use for powerlifting & bodybuilding these heavy duty hook grip style palm protectors are made for moving barbells, sleds, anything else that has grip
One size fits all heavy-duty support for your wrists of all shapes and sizes
Train harder, more often and stay safe the entire time, WOD lifting straps get the job done

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