What the Rich Know That You Don’t: How The Rich Think Differently From The Middle Class And Poor When It Comes To Time, Money, Investing And Wealth Accumulation (The Secrets Of Getting Rich!)


There is an ever widening wealth gap between the rich and the middle class and poor. In fact, this wealth gap is so wide that according to statistics almost half the world’s wealth is owned by just 1% of the population. The rich are indeed getting richer while the middle class and the poor are being left behind. Are the rich just luckier and more fortunate than the middle class and the poor? Does their genetic make-up consist of a “rich” gene and is this the reason why they are able to obtain wealth?

Well, if you believe that then you might as well believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. Of course there are some rich people that have inherited their wealth and yes some have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But a majority became rich because they had specific knowledge of the principles and strategies that pertain to wealth creation and wealth preservation. They then put forth a plan based on this knowledge and simply executed. This is how they became rich.

The middle class and the poor are not privy to this type of information so they remain clueless on how to create and maintain wealth until now. In his book entitled What the Rich Know That You Don’t author and serial entrepreneur Omar Johnson explains in detail the principles, habits and strategies of the rich and how they think and act differently from the middle class and poor when it comes to time, money, investing and wealth accumulation.

Beware! This is not a book about getting rich by:
Cutting up your credit cards
Living below your means
Getting rid of your premium cable channels and Netflix
Getting a great paying job
Eliminating drinking coffee at Starbucks
Living a Spartan like existence

This book contains information on how to get rich and stay rich by understanding and applying the wealth principles and the wealth strategies of the rich!

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