VegeBulk’s Beginner Bodybuilding Program


This program is perfect for anyone whose main goal is to pack on a lot of lean muscle mass and gain an aesthetic physique.

With a carefully designed program, which is based on scientific research and qualitative evidence from the world’s leading bodybuilders and physique competitors, this program will help you gain a significant amount of muscle mass, in the shortest possible time frame.

It is written in a way in which even the absolute beginner with no prior experience of weightlifting, will be able to understand and follow through with ease.

This easy-to-follow e-book contains the following sections:

– Overview of the program and why it is designed the way it is (so you don’t have to trust us blindly!)
– Detailed guide of how to use the program initially and how to progress with it over time
– Application of work-leading techniques used by top athletes and bodybuilders are integrated into this program to help push your body to that next level.
– How to remain injury free using correct warm up and cool down techniques
– A basic anatomical lesson of which muscle groups you will be utilizing during your sessions
– A myriad of advice on how to succeed with this program
– Detailed answers provided to common beginner questions which may arise
– The ability to contact VegeBulk with any queries if you would like any part of the book explained in further detail!

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