The Ultimate Fitness Blueprint: A Path To a New You


The Ultimate Fitness Blueprint: A Path To a New You

Greetings Human.

In this book, I’m going to reveal a new and “Secret Blueprint” (recently studied

and verified by a team of Harvard researchers) that me and my

top clients have been using for years to:

1. Increase the quality of living

2. Uncontrollably attract attention from others in admiration

3. Command Unconscious Respect from men and women

(“Unconscious respect” is when people find themselves respecting

and deferring to you automatically, without even knowing why they’re

doing it…and it’s far more powerful than basic “here’s how to get respect” advice)..

The Breakthrough, Harvard­PROVEN

“Secret Blueprint” That Changed My Life Forever..

This “secret blueprint” isn’t limited to just men..

It’s not beyond those with weight problems or anything like that..

It’s not hard, difficult, or time-consuming to adjust to.

It will take you very little time to learn today, actually.

(For some people, it may take a little longer,

like 5-­10 years)

What Else Will This “Secret Blueprint”

Do For You Too?

Here’s the weird thing: It’s kinda got magic powers about it too,

because not only will it uncontrollably attract attention to you,

a lot like owning ‘a brand new Ferrari’, but..

..backed by the research completed at Harvard,

it’s also going to do the following for you too:

  • increased testosterone levels
  • increased sex drive
  • increased sexual stamina
  • increased feelings of control and confidence
  • increased fat burning
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • increased energy levels throughout the day (and a noticeable disappearance of

    “afternoon crashes”)..
  • enhanced cognitive function
  • enhanced immune function
  • enhanced action-taking
  • enhanced self-esteem
  • decreased depression
  • decreased stress levels
  • Sounds pretty darn good, right?

    So…What Is The “Secret Blueprint”?

    And how are we going to make you a master of it,

    before the end of the day?

    The “secret blueprint” is known as a manuscript for physical development,

    and it’s words come in the form of a “Psychological Shift”.

    What is a Psychological Shift?

    Psychological Shifts are a set of neurological impulses, organized through a specific syntax which shapes emotional biochemical behavioral responses to such an extent that the stimulus response remains consistent. In simpler terms, it’s a way of utilizing your mind in order to achieve a specific result that have been scientifically proven by

    Harvard researchers to instantly increase your Self-Esteem levels, while

    Simultaneously lowering your cortisol levels.

    They’ve long been used by the most powerful, health conscious,

    High-status individuals of all time, like Brad Pitt,

    Dwayne Johnson, Terry Crews and even political juggernauts like Arnold Schwarzenegger to attract admiration from afar, maintain discipline and

    Inspire others, while barely even trying.

    Point blank: I teach you these strategies, you start living through them,

    and it’s GAME OVER for the competition.

    By the time you’re reading this, it’s very likely several dozen top individuals

    have already made their move, claimed their copy and are currently

    inside absorbing its content, learning these secrets and

    moving way ahead of their competition.

    Who Is The Power Positioning System NOT For?

    1. It’s not for wimps.

    2. It’s not for the lazy or mediocre.

    Mediocre people want to stay the same, stay in the same place, never grow, never evolve,

    never take risks, never take chances, NEVER succeed.

    If that’s you, do not invest in this and take one of the limited spots away from an

    UNSTOPPABLE Action­Taker here.

    (Besides, if that’s you, then it sounds like your real spot is waiting for

    you at the Key West Convalescent Center.)

    But if you are the superior valuable individual that I know you are, then welcome to my book.

    Join us now!

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