The How (and Wow!) of Habits


“Carrie’s well-written book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand better how developing good habits will help you reach all your goals. After reading this ebook, no matter what your goals are (small ones or big hairy ones) you’ll understand how creating good habits will go a long way in making them happen almost effortlessly. Some people might think habits are boring but the truth is, nothing can be more exciting and energizing! Carrie makes you really understand that and “get it” in a clear way. I know I’m definitely going to think about the things I do each day in a totally new way now.”

Stephanie Watson,

Clutter. Debt. Overweight. Overwhelm. Financial stability. Health. Happier relationships.

What do these things have in common? They’re all the result of habits, whether good or bad.

What makes habits so powerful? How can you finally rid yourself of bad habits that cost you happiness? And how can you leverage habits to design the life you crave?

Explore the answer in this ebook. Drawing from exciting data in the area of brain research and behavioral economics, this ebook will enlighten you, the reader, as to the “HOW” of habits – why habits are so good at affecting change, why they conserve time and energy, and how to harness their benefits. It will also inspire you as it reveals the “WOW!” of habits – how YOU can use habits to construct your goals.

Now includes 7 FREE downloads – printables and worksheets that help you stay on track and accountable on your journey to harnessing habits.

December 28th, 2015 by