The Fearless Debtor


Are you afraid of your financial situation? Do you find yourself wondering how things got out of control, where you went wrong, and more importantly how you can get back on track? Are you carrying the burden of your debt alone, hiding it from family and friends, and pretending that everything is OK when deep down you know that it isn’t? Do you wish you could speak to someone about your financial problems, but find it hard to admit that things have got so bad?

You are not alone. Millions of people the world over have found it easy to borrow money, but not so easy to ask for help when they are unable to pay it back. Borrowing money and agreeing to pay it back is a business arrangement. Borrowing money and dealing with the consequences of not being able to pay it back is an emotional nightmare.

The Fearless Debtor is a fable, the story of a young man who has borrowed money, can’t afford to pay it back, and doesn’t know what to do next. His debts are mounting up, but he doesn’t know how to admit that he has a problem and ask for help. It takes a meeting with a stranger to show him that the root of his problem is emotional, and that to overcome his financial problems he must first confront his fears. His story is a simple one, but the underlying messages are relevant for anyone struggling to admit they have financial problems.

If you believe that being in debt makes you a failure, if you fear that others will judge you if you open up to them, if you think the best way of dealing with your debts is to hide from them, then this story may make you think again.

December 22nd, 2016 by