The Fabulous Body: Build Lean Muscle, Shed Body Fat and Optimize Your Health


Fabulous Body is a paradigm with 3 pillars, 9 fundamental laws that will act as a personal coach in your quest to build your ideal physique that you so deserve.

Here are the Top 9 Reasons why you should read this book:

-You want to build lean and proportionate muscles but don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. I have gone from 140 pounds to 178 pounds (current) and I don’t look like one; neither will you. The idea is to have enough muscles to keep people interested but not so much to scare them off.

-You want to drop your body fat and bring it into the optimal range (for men, 9 to 14 percent; for women, 19 to 24 percent).

-You want to build a pleasant looking body that is also functional and optimally healthy. The Fabulous Body training system (FBX) is a multifaceted system that ensures you develop a well-rounded physique.

-You are serious about your health and fitness goals but have limited time. FBX optimizes your gene expression in only 3 – 6 hours per week. You don’t need to do more.

-You have limited funds to allocate to your health and fitness goals. FBX can be pursued with very basic equipment, including home gyms. Further, the Reality Diet (a term I used for a no-fad diet—notice it’s not FAT but FAD) focuses on home-made meals with very little use of supplements.

-You want to cut through the pseudo and bro science, which is rather overwhelming and confusing for most of us. This book provides you the “truth” that the conventional sources (supplement companies, muscle and fitness magazines) are hiding from you.

-You are not looking for mere opinions but rather hard scientific facts. This book is linked with more than 100 scientific studies to support any concept or theory discussed. All these concepts have been part of my lifestyle long enough for me to know whether they work or not. I will never discuss something just because it is popular or trending. Furthermore you don’t need to imbibe (or even believe) everything I say. I would be delighted if you internalize even a single idea from this book that pays you handsomely in long run.

-You don’t just need a book but a system, a workbook where you simply plug in and start your workouts immediately. There are 16 FBX printable workout routines in the added FREE BONUS REPORT that will get you started right off the bat. These workouts are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They are further sub-divided into FBX-Cut and FBX-Gain to help you build muscles and lose fat efficiently and effectively.

-You are open-minded. You have the courage to try something new or even radical and not simply follow what other people are doing in the gym.

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