Everyone knows about how difficult public speaking can be. You’re probably aware of the many surveys that report that people would rather die than speak in front of other people.

In fact, 3 out of 4 American business people are afraid to speak in public. And there’s good news in that if you are one of these people. You’re in the majority. And a lot of people take comfort in being part of the majority.

But you shouldn’t.

The reason is that 1 in 4 American business people have no problem speaking in front of other people. Because they are taking advantage of your challenges with public speaking. They are the one in four people who get to do less work but get to take more than their fair share of the credit. And why? It’s because they’re the ones who agreed to stand in front of people and talk about the work that the 3 other people in their group created. So they get the spotlight, the lighter workload, and a disproportionate amount of the credit. And likely more money too.

The purpose of this book is to move you into that minority, to make you one of the 25% of business people who can get ahead because they can do what the majority cannot — overcome a natural anxiety and speak in public.

This book will:

-show you how you can use self-affirmations and daily positive affirmations to reprogram your thinking about public speaking;

-cite scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of using affirmations to overcome your fears of public speaking;

-show you how to create affirmations that are specific to you that will help you beat your anxieties around public speaking;

-show you how to use those affirmations to achieve the success you deserve when you can comfortably speak in public.

-provide you with examples of affirmations and their associated reflections that will give you a head start on creating your own affirmation.

I have made my living, in one way or another, because of my ability to get up and deliver a presentation. And I started with a whole lot of anxiety and fears — it was so bad for me that I couldn’t even bring myself to answer questions in class, even when I knew the answers!

So, will simply repeating a phrase over and over again help you beat your fear of public speaking?


As the studies cited in this book demonstrate, unless you use these affirmations in correct way, you’ll be wasting your time. But used correctly, you will start the process of reprogramming yourself about the way you approach public speaking.

So start today. Become part of the minority!

December 30th, 2015 by