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3 minute video clip from a club level Toastmasters contest held on 20 September 2011 at Speaking Elephants Toastmasters Club, Warsaw, Poland. The University of Technology Business School in Koszykowa 79, room 213. Place where fun and public speaking live together:))


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World class speaking coach UK and Ireland speaking champion
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http://dynamicnarrative.eu/ Workshop for Ekonomika Utile on their kickoff day at the start of a new academic year. A dynamic workshop with enthusiastic participants.


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Produced and hosted by public speaking coach Eric Feng. Find out what are the 3 most important lessons that have been taught by the champion speakers.


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http://www.ClimbOnSuccess.com for information about Professional Motivational Speaker John Beede. John is one of the best professional motivational speakers available.

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Get More Resources At: www.BlackSpeakersNetwork.com

Dr. Maria James has expertise with designing income management, debt management, and wealth strategies to help you live your best life. As The Money Scientist, she applies strategic planning and scientific analytical thinking to money management. Dr. James hosts workshops, webinars, speaks, blogs, and writes articles to educate and empower you about money. She is the creator of The Wealth Protocol and The Financial Blueprint for Quitting Corporate.

Dr. James is also Co-founder of Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation (HWHN), Inc, where she is the Director of Finance. She has used her skills to develop and implement a financial system that has contributed to the growth of the nonprofit for the past ten years. Dr. James has also been a guest financial expert on ESSENCE, WEAA, Bobby Finance, Madame Noire and more. She can be reached at www.pocketofmoney.com or info@pocketofmoney.com

Black Speakers Network (BSN) is a professional association focused on developing aspiring professional speakers, primarily of African descent, who seek to leverage speaking as a means to generate income. We provide education, support services, products, empowerment and development opportunities that facilitate the transition from novice to professional speaker.


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Each year, Toastmasters International Speech Contest culminates at Toastmasters International’s four-day International Convention, held in August. A panel of 20 Toastmasters judges evaluate 9 contestants from different parts of the world, all of whom had advanced to the finals following a year-long process of elimination,using club, area, district and regional speech competitions. Criteria used in judging included speech content, organization, voice quality and gestures.

This video highlights of the winning speeches from 2007 to 2010.


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My Hero Speech for 2015 by 6 Years Old Tara the Champion Gifted Speaker and the winner of Public Speaking Competitions for 2 years in a row 2014 & 2015

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Tara little talented, successful 6 year’s old and Champion Gifted Speaker. The Winner of Public Speaking Competitions for 2 years in a row since she was 5 year old for her 2 speeches Tiger and My Hero.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfslMP_m5bQ1wjvjDDuGKw

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My Hero Speech

Good morning everyone,

My name is Tara and I’m 6

Today I’m going to talk about my Hero

BUT, who is a Hero?

A Hero is someone admired for:
Courage, Fine qualities, Considered as model or ideal and inspires others.

There are people who are considered Heroes like:
Doctors, Emergency crews, Fire fighters, Police officers, Life guards and the list can go on.

They risk their lives to save others.

Teachers inspire students often becoming their role models.

Also Parents have great influence on their kids’ lives.

So, my Mum and Dad are my Heroes.

But Today I’m going to talk about my Mum.

She’s my hero because She has taught me almost everything I know, How to make correct choices, being a good girl and having good manners.

She’s always there for me when I need help.

She helps me with: Washing my hair, doing my homework, Words I don’t know how to spell or painting, even with more difficult ones like: Using computer or iPad, searching the net, typing and playing Chess.

She is a great Chess player.

She’s always listens to me and has answers to all my questions

She supports me in many things I do like:

Playing tennis, Dancing, Performing and Public speaking.

Without my mum I wouldn’t be standing here today.

She gets up first and goes to bed last making sure that everything is ready for the next day.

She takes care of our family in every possible way and makes me feel safe and protected.

I admire my mum for her smartness she speaks 5 languages but most of all for her positive, loving and happy personality.

She always has time for kisses and cuddles.

She’s creative, even when it rains we play tennis indoor using a balloon instead of a ball.

When I grow up I wish to be just like my mum smart, kind, loving, caring, protective and a Hero to my kids.

My mum is everyday a Superwoman.

Now you know who’s my Hero and I believe that everyone should have one

If you have any questions, please ask me later and if I don’t know the answer I’ll ask my Hero

Thanks for listening everyone.


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How to overcome fear of public speaking? The main thing you should understand is that public speaking is a skill. Skill that can be learnt and improved.

Don’t worry about other’s attention, because they will look at you only for the first minute, then they will look at their phones, and honestly they don’t care about you at all.

Don’t worry to forget your speech, if you know the subject, if you memorized your speech and practiced it for hundred times.

Watch my other videos: http://www.youtube.com/lessonlearnedchannel


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In this Episode I head to Birmingham for the Brad Burton be a better Speaker workshop then finish off the week with an awesome workout at South Coast Gym


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