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A personal glimpse of the USA, the chaos and musical majesty of NAMM in Los Angeles, the enthusiasm and wisdom of Dr Willie Jolley and Les Brown, the laughter and love of friends, and the joy of music.

Keith Lightfoot is a Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker:

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Public Speaking-Stress and Intonation
Public Speaking adding emphasis to words, adding stress helps people stay with you and helps you make a bigger impact with your message when you speak.


Want to really captivate the room? Make sure your audience can follow along with what the most important parts are of your speaking. Public Speaking technique means some words and phrases get more value.

Speaking like a leader, having a confident voice, captivating the room, all of these require adding stress, enough of it and in the right places. Stress is also the foundation for variety.

One of the most important voice techniques is adding stress, in the right places. Everything cannot have the same value. I’ll show you how to add stress and create a more engaging voice.

If you want to learn how to communicate effectively or give presentations that will engage your audience, Tracy is your girl. Offering private sessions via Skype and in person as well as video courses tailored made, go to the website www.captivatetheroom.com

I’d love to assess your voice for you, voice improvement is key to making a big impact with your voice.

You can be an effective communicator or a dynamic presenter, Tracy makes it easier than you would ever imagine.

Want to learn how to engage your audience in Videos and Podcasts?
Check out my new course:



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Public speaking by fikr for training – Jihad Abou Zeid
Business consultancy, sales training, NLP training and Life coaching in Lebanon and the Middle east


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For More Details:-


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