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The Art of Public Speaking

Joseph Berg ESENWEIN (1867 – 1946) and Dale CARNEGIE (1888 – 1955)
The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein is a manual for people who have to speak in public, and it is still in use today. Whether the occasion in question is sharing travel experiences with friends, a toast for newly-weds, or a public debate, the tips and tricks collected in this book will come handy anywhere.

The book describes how to make effective use of one’s voice and gestures, how to gain and convey confidence in front of a large audience, and which methods to use to convert the listeners to one’s own cause. Each chapter contains examples and a list of practice exercises. The last 15 sections are real speeches by famous men to function as a study aid. (Summary by Availle)

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Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone talks about the YOUEconomy. Wages are not increasing folks, and we are entering a new economic age. Make a decision to focus on the YOU economy. Take responsibility for your finances—it’s on you. Set a target and start doing the math. Take a second job, whatever it takes to get your money right. The truth is having a JOB means you are Just Over Broke. Your job is to think like an entrepreneur 24/7. Operate with urgency.

Money don’t care how old you are. You MUST learn how to sell. Extrovert yourself and make your own economy. The economy ain’t coming back. Jobs are in the middle class. The middle class is disappearing. In 2008 I realized I was too dependent on THE Economy and not MY economy. I changed that and you can too. Get on Cardone University today.



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Top 10 lucky people who found a ton of money
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If there is anything that we all have in common with each other, it is the fact that we all want more money somehow. Whether we become major entrepreneurs, win the money, marry into the money, etc. it takes a specific amount of hard work to be successful in our finances. Or, at least that’s what we think. What if there was a way to become rich without working, and it all depended on an incredible stroke of luck? Well, then you better get searching and see if you can find a ton of money. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it often makes the news. What is interesting is the finder’s reaction. Most people who find a ton of money end up keeping it, while others donate it to charities. Of course, when a substantial amount of money is found, it is often turned into the police and the finder has to wait a bit before taking the cash home, just to see if the original owner claims the dough. It’s incredible to think that you can find your fortune at any moment of the day by just walking outside or just looking down at the ground.
In this video are some extremely lucky people who found a ton of money. Whether they tripped on it, found it in an envelope, or it fell from the sky, these people lived the dream that we all hope and pray for every day. What would you do if you found a ton of money?

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Dragon Ball Z motivational video. Like, subcribe, and check out my channel.


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There is a popular Christian message that people like to teach: that Jesus will give you everything you want if you would turn to him. But that is simply not the truth. Jesus will not give you what your flesh wants most of the time. Because truth is what your flesh wants is what will kill you; what will be your demise. Because people, in our flesh, we all seek one thing, and that is our own self-gratifications, desires, dreams, and goals. That is what we want. Satan gives these things to people, because satan knows that everybody who strives after their own ways, will end up in hell. So satan gives these things to many people to keep their minds off God.

But you see the apostles and the disciples and the people who follow Jesus, were not getting everything they wanted, because their hearts were changed to only want one thing: that was the eternal kingdom of God. So they were poor men. They were never rich following Jesus. Now Jesus will give you your NEEDS yes. He supplies my needs. He gives me more than enough. Absolutely more than enough that I need. He helps me and he provides everybody with their needs according to his will. But sometimes you will be put in hard situations and you will need to TRUTH Jesus. You see this world is not about your job, your business, and your career. It is not about getting blessing from God to further those things. That is from the devil. God does not further the things on this earth. He only furthers his kingdom on this earth and everybody who is a part of his kingdom, is furthering the kingdom of God that is above. That is where their HEART is. Their heart is not on this world. Now everybody who says, ‘I want to be a famous soccer player, I want to succeed in my business, I want to do well…’ they are of the world.

That is what the WORLD WANTS. Every unbeliever wants these things too and that is what the whole world chases after, and strives after, and covets after. You see, people who lives those ways will not inherit the kingdom of God. As I saw in my dream, I saw people in a place in this darkness, and they were crying out in weeping and gnashing of teeth, ‘Oh why did nobody warn us that living a life after our own ways ended up in this place!’ You see when you just live after your own ways and you just want the world, you will not inherit God’s kingdom, because you cannot serve the world and live for the world like all these lukewarm christians do, AND enter the kingdom of God! If you are trustworthy, he may entrust you with riches for the use in his kingdom, I don’t know. But one thing is for sure: you must let go of the world, because poor for Christ, poor to the WORLD’S WAYS. No longer chase those ways. No longer want to be that great person of SUCCESS. And instead seek the kingdom above all things, and Jesus will bring you in his own good time, blessing and the things that you need on this earth.

He will help your business to do what it’s got to do for his kingdom. You need money after all, and money doesn’t grow on trees and God knows that. He will sort out your situation, but you have to trust him. You have to live for him and not the things of this world anymore. Jesus himself said that your heavenly Father knows you need that the pagans strive after, and he will see to it that you will have those things supplied. NOT your WANTS, your NEEDS. But he said you must seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness above all things and these things will be added to you. He is not going to add you wealth and prosperity, that is the way of the devil. He will add you what you NEED: all the monies you need on this earth for your family and for a house and things you need. But for the people who strive after this generation, strive after their success, they are not following JESUS. They have their whole minds and hearts set on the kingdoms of this world and what they are trying to build. That is why they are building these big churches and raising all this money for themselves because they are not following Jesus, and their hearts are on this world, and the devil is making them successful.

Dear friends, don’t be deceived, Jesus will supply your needs. He will help you in your businesses and the things you need to do for money, but your focus would be on the kingdom of God, and if that is not your focus, Jesus is not going to help you. You are going to be at the mercy of the world. So dear friends, put your focus on JESUS. Make the kingdom of God where you want to go. He will supply for your needs and make things go well according to what his purpose is for your life. He will bless you as well. He will bless you for your works for the things of this world, inasmuch as you have your focus on God. Jesus bless you… EMAIL at robertlyte@icloud.com


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SugarMamma.TV is all about educating, inspiring and empowering everyday people to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in your life. Bite sized videos, with quick and easy to understand tips, that you can apply straight away and see the results. SugarMamma.TV is a powerful movement making money and finance more approachable, energetic and enlightening.


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