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The Art of Public Speaking

Joseph Berg ESENWEIN (1867 – 1946) and Dale CARNEGIE (1888 – 1955)
The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein is a manual for people who have to speak in public, and it is still in use today. Whether the occasion in question is sharing travel experiences with friends, a toast for newly-weds, or a public debate, the tips and tricks collected in this book will come handy anywhere.

The book describes how to make effective use of one’s voice and gestures, how to gain and convey confidence in front of a large audience, and which methods to use to convert the listeners to one’s own cause. Each chapter contains examples and a list of practice exercises. The last 15 sections are real speeches by famous men to function as a study aid. (Summary by Availle)

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Millionaire Yoga Program http://www.millionaireyoga.com/
Plllai Center: Intensely Spiritual. Intensely Material: 200% Life

Millionaire Yoga Program: Dr. Pillai Explains Course Content to Activate Your Millionaire Brain

Millionaire Yoga Program http://www.millionaireyoga.com/
Dr. Pillai: My incarnation on the earth plane this time is for a specific purpose. It’s basically and primarily for the spiritual people. The spiritual people are going to change the world. They are going to be instrumental for bringing the Golden Age, but there is a common problem that almost every spiritual person is going through, and that is they don’t have the resources, particularly financial resources, because deep down they hate money because money has been responsible for all of the evil things in this world. It is a lopsided view that has penetrated into the consciousness of all religions, of all philosophical teachings for centuries.

Millionaire Yoga Program http://www.millionaireyoga.com/
So we have a dichotomized consciousness where God is on one side and money is on the other side. So there is a saying that: ‘A camel can get into the eye of a needle but not a rich man’. It is true in many ways. But then I have come here especially to uphold both God and uphold money. God is not against money because God is not poor. So what I am going to do for the spiritual people who are suffering from lack of finances.

So I did a program when the Occupy the Wall Street Campaign was on. I said 1% of the people, yes, are ruling the Wall Street. What are you going to do? You cannot do anything, so the program failed. So my program is to make the 99% of the people to get to the level of affluence of the 1% of the people. So how am I going to do it? It is a matter of neurology. Poverty is the malfunctioning of the brain. So through proper functioning of the brain, you could have a balanced life where you will respect both money and God equally. Okay.

What I’m going to do is to teach very practical techniques. I’m not a philosopher. I don’t want to sit in an armchair and talk about idealistic things. It is a matter of changing your brain: poverty brain into prosperity brain. And that is what really characterizes the Program called Millionaire Yoga. Anybody can become a millionaire. All that you need is commitment. If you just commit yourself to this Program, I’m sure you will see measurable changes in your finances.
So what are the areas I’m going to talk about and give techniques for improving your brain? First, cleanse the negative cortex. The Cortex, the chunk of the brain, is negative. “How, where, what, why, I’m not, you know, qualified, I don’t have the resource” all of these things have to go. So we should not give energy to the cortex, the neo-Cortex area which specializes in reason, logic, and consensus reality.Then, we have to go to the reptilian brain, the old brain, which is capable of processing infrared, which is the Miracle power, activate the pineal gland which can get you into different time dimension, and your logic will be off at that time. Okay. Then you become more emotionally involved in the process because emotions are true because they are creative. You know, they procreate also.

So the Five areas of the Program are: activate your pineal gland, energize your money centers in the brain and cleanse your negative Cortex, awaken the emotional brain, and then I will give you Sounds to program abundance consciousness. This precisely is the Millionaire Yoga Program and we are going to make it available to everyone at an affordable price. This is my gift for all the spiritual people to come and take advantage of this because The Golden Age is dependent on you. Your spiritual consciousness is very valuable to me and that’s why I’m giving this offer to you. God Bless. ~ Dr. Pillai


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Frank Wiginton, author of How to Eat an Elephant: Achieving Financial Success One Bite at a Time shares his number one tip to get your finances in order. https://www.howtoeatanelephant.ca


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