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http://wabstalk.com/ps/ – WABS TALK PUBLIC SPEAKING is India’s Highest Rated Public Speaking Institute. Join us to be a wonderful speaker.


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India’s fastest growing and best personal finance management software.
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Travel to India


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Junior Chamber International – JCI,
JCI Rajapalayam Excel Presents
Effective Public Speaking Course – EPS
Training in Tamil language
Contact +91-9442244966


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This funny video shows you just how much Indians actually know about their personal finances! Don’t worry it’s not Rocket Science. BankBazaar.com gets to the bottom of some critical questions and gives you some expert hacks that no one else will, with this funny video on finance. With references like AIB, Being Indian, Kanan Gill and Bollywood in mind, we walked the streets of Mumbai to get Mumbai’s take on topics like finance and EMI. In this funny video, we answer asked regular Indians the following questions and answer them with expert tips for you: What does EMI stand for? What are principal and interest components? How can you save money on your home loan? We hope this episode of Let’s Talk About Money with BankBazaar.com was informative and entertaining, so that you can have a laugh and save some money while you’re at it. Check out more expert tips on EMI payments here: http://blog.bankbazaar.com/emi-explai…

You can use this funny video on Finance as a motivational video, tutorial or life training video to use our expert tips and save money on your loan today. Find the best loan options, compare quotes across India and shop for your loan with easy here: http://www.bankbazaar.com/loan.html

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What is Niftymillionaire’s big idea to improve your Finances in 2016 is an important topic as of today not only for Indian traders in fact for the entire world. In 2015 lot has happened in Finance Industry through out the world and the situations do not look good for coming 6-7 months. Though India is the fastest economy growing today in Asia however still due to slow reforms and fiscal slippage, the growth processes are bound to be delayed.
Host Abishek Raaman discusses all the major incidents which can affect the finances in 2016.
The website address is: www.niftymillionaire.com
Additional visiting page is: www.niftymillionaire.com/1000
Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/niftymillionaire/


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Conversation on Restoring Municipal Finances
by Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Chairperson, ICRIER

07 Sep 2015

Place : New Delhi
Venue : Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road


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Indian Bodybuilders Zone, presents the Top 10 Indian Bodybuilders for 2015.

Dinesh Kamble
Yugant Shinde
Swapnil Narwadkar
Manoj Muzumdar
Hari Prasad
Suhas Khamkar
Sunit Jadhav
Murali Kumar
Vipin Peter
Sangram Chougule

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India’s Village of Bodybuilding Musclemen

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A POOR farming village has reinvented itself as the bodybuilding capital of India. Almost all of the men in the 3,500 strong town of Asola-Fatehpur Beri workout and 90 per cent are employed as bouncers or security guards in nearby New Delhi. They train from birth but step things up at the age of 14 when they switch to a diet of milk, bananas, eggs and curd – to help put on weight. They can work out up to six hours a day lifting motorbikes, tractors and wrestling to build up their bulging biceps before unwinding with yoga. The village’s new muscleman reputation has also made the women happy – as no-one smokes, drinks or take drugs. They earn about £1,500 a year but can make more on private security details where their hand-to-hand combat skills make them a prized assets.

Videographer / Director: Virendra Khanna
Producer: Ruchika Hurria / John Balson
Editor: Ian Phillips / Joshua Douglas

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The size, spread and slippages of Indian Railways explained in a 90-second animation film by howindialives.com.

Howindialives.com is a Delhi-based startup that is developing a search engine for public data to make it more accessible to decision-makers


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