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How to deal with societal pressure so as to manage your finances properly

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When is it okay to spend big?
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Things mentioned:
How to use sinking funds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUSb3JtC56A
CapitalOne360: https://r.capitalone360.com/Rb8n5JJMwF

Questions in this video:
Lori, I have a question regarding Capital One 360. I have opened a savings account for my sinking Christmas Funds and I have $$ taken out of my regular checking account every 2 weeks. Question is: Do you manually transfer money every month to the sinking funds or do you have your paycheck go into a Capital One 360 Checking account and then you transfer the money into the sinking funds? Confused?

Marcy Watson 12 hours ago
Hey budget girl! We are just starting our debt free journey and started doing a full budget with sinking funds. My question is should I save my emergency fund before I start putting money aside for sinking funds?

Bella Femme 1 day ago
Hi I’m confused are all of your 14 sinking funds actual bank accounts or just envelopes you keep at home labeled? How do I start a sinking fund, I need one for my car.

Amber Jones
So, I have a question, Sarah. I am about 2 months away from being debt free (yay!) but as I keep getting closer to that goal (it’s been about 6 years of frugal living), I feel this need to not be as strict with my finances and want to spend money on things I know I don’t need! I’m following the Dave Ramsey plan and am committed to it. I have a plan to save 3-6 months (or more) of living expenses after I’ve paid off my debt. But, after SO many years of paying off debt, this feeling keeps creeping up that I want to give myself “a break”. What advice would you give?

How much do you pay for internet? Do you have cable? I have neither and my husband is driving me nuts, but I just don’t think spending $200+/month for internet/cable. I still have a dumb phone b/c I don’t want to double my phone bill!! But that’s 2400/yr that we could put toward debt/emergency stash so I just can’t justify it! HELP ME!

i’ve run into a bit of a snag with saving an emergency fund. part of my income (the part that is always guaranteed no matter what) doesn’t allow me to save any money without being cut off. And keeping cash in my home is a horrible idea. Should i get another physical credit card (I still have account, I just destroyed the card), or try something find something else?

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Watch our webinar with our partner, Credit Karma, to learn why you should constantly check and build your credit report, best practices for establishing financial health, and how others have recovered from financial mistakes through Credit Karma’s “My Money Story” video series.


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2016 is just around the corner. Have you set financial goals for yourself and/or household? Be ambitious and work to make it happen! I hope sharing our saving’s goals and sinking fund method will inspire you to give it a try in 2016.


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Check out The Rachel Cruze YouTube Channel for life and money tips! http://www.youtube.com/user/RachelCruze?sub_confirmation=1
Pam asks Dave for advice on how to get on the same page as her husband regarding their budget.

Find A Financial Peace class near you!

Check out Chris Hogan’s book “Retire Inspired”

Do you want to take control of your money? Get “The Total Money Makeover” book here.

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Do you have questions about investing? Let one of our Endorsed Local Providers help.

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In this episode of finweek Money Matters we discuss:
Cover Story: The reserve bank’s decision to increase interest rates by 50 basis points last month has shocked businesses and homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages and loan repayments. Further increases are expected. finweek editor Jana Marais shares tips manage your finances in these tough economic times.
finweek Money Matters is a weekly programme aired every Friday 13:00 CAT on CNBC Africa (DSTV Channel 410). The programme focuses on trends, investment analysis and economic debates.


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We all have thoughts, opinions and emotions around money! Let’s shift and transform those emotions towards a new positive way of feeling and thinking about money. Take control of your money! It no longer has control over you!

Email me at coaching@teddivon.com to get the free excel financial spreadsheet to start controlling your money. (Sorry guys youtube doesnt let me post a document)

Meditation: “There is plenty of money in the world for everyone. I deserve and receive money. Money is just an exchange of energy. I can find creative ways to live in financial abundance. I have control and will use money for good.”

Do the 3 step process to transform your subconscious relationship with money.
1.Recognize(write it down)
3.Let the old go and move on with the new thoughts and feelings

Let’s do this together. You are not alone on this new journey. Reach out if you have questions or need a good push in the right direction!

Move forward!

Check out Dave Ramsey, Chris Miles and Joan Sotkins(I forgot to mention her but she deals with emotions on money)

Many Blessings!

Teddi Von Havranek



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God has always wanted His people to be free from debt. Today on the BVOV broadcast, Kenneth Copeland describes God’s Jubilee Plan for your finances. You’ll also be inspired by the story of a couple who believed God to become debt-free.


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WASHINGTON, March 18–Appearing on FOX News’ “America’s News HQ” today, Sen. Sessions discussed the nearing legal deadline for Senate Democrats to produce a budget (the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 requires the Senate Budget Committee to complete action on a resolution by April 1, and requires passage by the full Senate by April 15). Despite this unambiguous statutory requirement, the Budget Committee has taken no action to even begin work on a budget. In fact, it has now been 1,054 days–nearly three years–since Senate Democrats have produced a budget at all.

This stands in sharp contrast to the record of House Republicans, which passed a budget last year and which is set to introduce this year’s budget next week.

Rather than confront the nation’s debt threat, Senate Democrats have resorted to political tactics on unrelated matters, as well as attacks on the House Republican budget even in the absence of a plan of their own.

Sessions also addressed new cost projections for the president’s health law, which the Congressional Budget Office last week found will cost nearly twice what the president originally promised, or nearly three times the promised amount once the law is fully implemented.


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