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The one and only Godfather of Bodybuilding!

We are familiar with the fact that there are many Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation videos like ours but as a big fans of Arnold, we couldn’t resist but to have one of our own

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Music: Floid Beats


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This video is about comparison between aesthetics and bodybuilding. Which style is better?


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Frank Zane and Levrone were great BBs of their times. Markus,however, wasn’t that good as his competitors were. Markus should have to be more focused on the back shoulders instead of front . He should have to pay more attention on his triceps despite his biceps.


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1)Matheo – This is where we fight
2)Sticman featuring NYM – Let It Burn
3)Gotta Get’em Gone(Official Video) BET Dboi Da Dome ft Tay Eaz
4)Dim4ou Ats – Pileto Vuv Furnata (Official Video)
5)Wale feat. Rick Ross -Tats On My Arm [Official Instrumental]
6)SAJ – Mi smo ta ekipa (Beogradski sindikat) (stari klip ORIGINALNI)flv
7)Lano ft Wayne Jones – I’m Flexing
8)Dream Mclean – Network (Chase Status Remix)
9)300 Violin Orchestra (Jorge Quintero) Remix
10)Crown The Empire – Forever ( Drake Cover )
11)AK26 feat Dee eN – Rettenthetetlen Official Music Video
12)Studenta – Smurtta Pristupva (GRRemix)
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Top 10 bodybuilder in the world 2016-Here is the list of all the bodybuilders:
1:Ronnie Coleman-Ronnie Coleman reinvented a sport where men were already so big it could hardly be believed. Ronnie was as strong as he was big , many videos float around the internet of him deadlifting 800 plus pounds for reps and curling 180 pound dumbbells during precontest prep. Coleman currently holds the record for the most Mr. Olympia’s in history and nobody AND I MEAN NOBODY has ever come close to Ronnie Coleman the Biggest Bodybuilder EVER!!
2:Gunter Schlierkamp-The height 6foot 4 inches sets him apart from all but Lou Feriggno and makes him truly one of the biggest bodybuilders ever .
3:Markus Ruhl- Markus Ruhl is so big its ridiculous. In the top three of our biggest bodybuilder countdown he dwarves nearly anyone he stands next to .
4:Kai Green-KAI Green best known for his flowing dreadlocks and rhythmic posing routines that are unique in bodybuilding circles.
5:Dorian Yates- Dorian Yates, mr high intensity himself brought the big into the biggest bodybuilder countdown. Yates was born in England and took a new revolutionary approach to working out .
6:Arnold Schwarzenegger-Schwarzenegger , the one name that is bodybuilding . Arnold Schwarzenegger the one name everybody knows but cant spell. If this were just about fame Arnold would be head and shoulders above the rest in this biggest bodybuilder top ten.
7: Lou Ferrigno-Lou Ferrigno , born Louis Jude Ferrigno is unique in bodybuilding circles. Iconic and known to almost everyone, few knew that he was near deaf from birth. Born on November 9th 1951 he won Mr America 2 consecutive Mr Universe titles and appeared with bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger in the cult bodybuilding classic “ Pumping Iron and several European produced fantasy films .
8: Dennis wolf-When Dennis started bodybuilding, it wasn’t more than a hobby for him, but thanks to his excellent genetics, he was able to prepare for the competitions and earned a lot of success, he can be proud of. In 2003 he was invited to give a public performance in the USA . He stayed for 4 weeks with his girl friend Katja and returned as a newly-married man.
9:Victor Martinez-Victor Martinez had some of the best genetics of any bodybuilder on our list. Unfortunately those blessed with the best gifts often either don’t use them or make bad choices. Although ” suppliments” are a part of professional bodybuilding . Victor Martinez was arrested for selling steroids and from that point his career took a nose dive.
10:Victor Richards- Victor Richards wasn’t eger to join the bodybuilding world. He started into bodybuilding when he as 16 years old and even with limited help in training he quickly became one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world. He was at 5foot 10 inches and 350 plus pounds offseason the biggest if not close to the biggest bodybuilder in history.


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The theory (we believe it is much more than just a theory!) is that when you first start saying your positive affirmations, they may not be true, but with repetition they sink into your subconscious mind, you really start to believe them, and eventually they become your reality, they become a self fulfilling prophecy and actually become true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or negative beliefs you may have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more.

As you listen to these affirmations, you will find yourself feeling more positive than before the video began.

Hope this video inspires and motivates you to take action.

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I am a brilliant public speaker.
I am a master at public speaking.
I am a genius at public speaking.
I am a master public speaker.
I am amazing at public speaking.
I am a public speaking master.
I am a public speaking genius.
People are in awe of my incredible public speaking ability.
People envy my ability to be a confident public speaker.
I was born to be a great public speaker.
I hear a roar of applause as I stand proud and confident in front of my audience.
My message is clear and well received.
I am embraced by my audience.
I easily connect with the audience.
I choose to be courageous and speak in public.
I speak with clarity and power.
My memory is sharp at recalling the key points of my speech.
My body moves naturally during my speech to enhance my message.
I choose to be calm and relaxed in front of my audience.
I am a confident public speaker.
I am relaxed when speaking publicly.
I am at my best when speaking to a large crowd.
I am excited and positive when giving a public speech.
I am a naturally calm public speaker.
I am a great public speaker.
I always speak calmly and clearly.
I am fearless when speaking to large crowds.
I am a successful public speaker.
Others admire my ability to speak publicly.
Public speaking is easy for me.
I enjoy speaking to large groups.
I am a natural public speaker.
I have a powerful and confident voice.
Others admire my ability to get up and deliver a great speech.
Public speaking energizes and excites me.
I love talking in front of people.
I am naturally calm when I speak.
People see me as someone who is a great speaker.
I find public speaking to be easy and enjoyable.
Speaking in Public comes naturally to me!
I am always excited when I speak publicly!
I am a Confident Public Speaker!
People love the way I speak!
I enjoy being on stage!
I easily connect with my audience!
I Prepare My talk and Practice till I am Confident!
I am grateful to be sharing ideas and speaking in front of people.
I am always Relaxed in front of my audience!
I love speaking in front of large crowds!
I am confident and Relaxed when I speak to a gathering.
Others admire the Way I speak and connect with the Audience.
I look forward to any speaking opportunity – I grab it!
I know my Subject well as I prepare thoroughly.
I stay Calm when speaking publicly .
I Practice – Practice and Practice.
I can’t imagine ever being fearful to speak in public again.
Today is the beginning of feeling at ease in front of people.
I am starting to feel confident speaking in front of people today.
I am grateful to be sharing ideas and speaking in front of people.
I am speaking with passion and purpose today.
Today is the best day to speak up in front of people.


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In this video I discus what I think the best form of cardio is, How to optimize fat burning and take your diet, weightlifting, power lifting, or bodybuilding results to the next level and I will take you through a typical morning of mine in an entertaining but informative way. Live a healthy fit lifestyle and you will be happy. Make cardio fun and enjoyable and it wont seem like work. Get the body of your dreams today.


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