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”If life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up!”

MUSIC:Zack Hemsey – See What I’ve Become (MDFkLAKA – Remix) *Instrumental*



Frank McGrath
Guy Cisternino
Jason Huh
Mike Rashid
James Flex Lewis
Roelly Winklaar
Dana Linn Bailey
Joey Swoll
Jeff Logan
Terence McClellan


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This is my 3rd upload on YouTube about my progress in august 2014.

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Sunday Training Bad Attitude Gym @ Dallas, TX 11-14-10 http://www.badattitudegym.com
500 x 1
4 weeks out … USAPL Meet


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IBP SC State Championship

181 Weight Class – 2nd Place

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My road to bodybuilding started after the age of 40. It took me nearly 6 years being older and wiser to learn from my mistakes. Now at over 50 I am in the best shape of my life. But very often I wish I had the knowledge I had now when I was in my 20’s.
For those who are prepared to listen to the people who have walked the path and put a lid on their ego’s, this info can be extremely valuable and can mean a serious reduction in time to reach a great body.
So here follows my list of the 5 biggest mistakes people (and me) made when you start out with bodybuilding:
1. Insufficient training intensity
The pro’s in any sport reach such a high limit because they do not just push their body to failure but they use their mind to force their body literally past it’s abilities.
If you think you are training to failure it is time to review. Use your focus and mind to force you further into the unknown to the very brink of your bodies and minds abilities. This is where serious growth occurs.

2. Working through pain
If you think it is the “manly” thing to work through pain – WRONG! Especially in bodybuilding when pain is experienced it spells danger and you MUST listen to it and attend to solving or alleviating the problem. Tendon and joints issues do NOT disappear – it gets worse and can derail your efforts for months! The quicker you give attention to it the quicker it is solved and the quicker you grow.

3. Bad technique or form
Many guys starting out think form is not that important and that you must just be able to lift or push the weight and all is good. This asks for injury but even worse than that you will find that you will struggle to isolate muscles and as such never achieve an aesthetic look. When you do an exercise focus to ONLY use the muscle exercised – keep your elbows / shoulders, etc, stable and prevent them from swinging to help lift weights. You MUST get a mind muscle connection and visualize just that muscle working with every rep.

4. Not weighing food / counting calories
Your diet not in place you WILL fail. If you ever want to reach incredible shredded muscle heights you MUST weigh your food and count calories.

5. Average standards
Do you for one moment think that any of the professional bodybuilders had mediocre standards driving them. You MUST reach for the stars and apply the highest standards possible. Arnold, Lou Ferrigno and Ryan Terry amonst others do not have magic genes. They did not accept average standards and simply MAD IT HAPPEN.
I am over 50 now and my shape is better than most 20 y/o top bodybuilders. Simply because I refuse to employ average standards.

Wish you Happy Training
Gert Louw

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Happy training! Cheers…
Gert Louw


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Chest Workout


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