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The Art of Public Speaking

Joseph Berg ESENWEIN (1867 – 1946) and Dale CARNEGIE (1888 – 1955)
The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein is a manual for people who have to speak in public, and it is still in use today. Whether the occasion in question is sharing travel experiences with friends, a toast for newly-weds, or a public debate, the tips and tricks collected in this book will come handy anywhere.

The book describes how to make effective use of one’s voice and gestures, how to gain and convey confidence in front of a large audience, and which methods to use to convert the listeners to one’s own cause. Each chapter contains examples and a list of practice exercises. The last 15 sections are real speeches by famous men to function as a study aid. (Summary by Availle)

Genre(s): Self-Help

Language: English


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This is part of a presentation introducing the Computer Labs on each HCC campus. Especially online students will find the classes and equipment, including camcorders and editing software very useful when they take an online class that requires “proof” in the form of a audio/video presentation. We have one class that is a prerequisite to graduation that requires such proof and if you should decide to take this public speaking online, you will need the skills taught in CGS-2876-03371.


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Feb. 8 (Bloomberg) — Spanish Deputy Finance Minister Jose Manuel Campa talks with Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua about investor concerns about the country’s finances and the outlook for economic growth.
Campa said today that Spain will take more steps to cut the budget deficit if economic growth falls short of government forecasts. (Source: Bloomberg)


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