Swethol body oil was designed for professional bodybuilders in mind that do not want a synthol look, but rather to enhance muscle features for competitions. When used correctly muscles will appear fuller and more vascular and most importantly larger in volume.Pharmaceutical grade body oil INGREDIENTS: Caprillic Acid, Capric Acid, Caproic Acid, Lauric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol – in a sterile solution. For Topical use Only Swethol is the only oil that looks natural once applied because of its thin viscosity and non greasy non glossy texture.We are so convinced that our product is so much better than the competitors so we have arrange try out bottles so all our customers can try it and see the difference. We are currently the only sellers on the market with this service. Please visit our store for other items.Second generation site enhancement oil thinner for a more natural appearance.
Swethol is not like any other body oil on the market it has only been used by pro Scandinavian and international bodybuilders.
Produced in a sterile environment with the latest in sterilization and thinning technology by UV light.
Painless sting free application No painful irritation or swelling super thin almost like water.
Unlike all of the other site enhancement oils available on the market, which can blur and smooth out your definition, SWETHOLTM gives you a much harder, more defined look that lasts much longer.

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