Strength Training Box Set: Strength and Crossfit Training Workout Guide for Beginners to Stay Strong and Fit (Intermittent Fasting & odybuilding)


Strength Training Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One:Crossfit for Beginners: A Guide from Amateur to Fitness Warrior

Gym goers seem to have always been this kind of stereotype of the tough guy coming in after a long day of work, curling weight to build up his biceps, and then hitting the showers. This big legs, big arms, obesity is prevalent. It is certainly not the kind of ‘fitness’ that is going to afford you any extra years on this Earth or help you to do anything constructive.

Crossfit was created to oppose this lackadaisical kind of ‘fitness’ which peers down its nose at people, asking them how much they can bench press, and then walking off to have seven more cheeseburgers. Crossfit is not one of those routines which is touted to be difficult but is actually simple, making unfit people feel better about their low level of fitness. Crossfit will kick you to the curb more times than you can count. But, it will always be honest with you. If you are fit according to Crossfit terms, you are fit. Period.

Inside You Will Learn:

• The particular aims of Crossfit and what sets it apart from all the other fitness styles in the world.

• About the insider terms used in Crossfit and about the theoretical scheduling of workouts and how the structure is destined to make you fitter.

• About monostructural metabolic conditioning and the exercises to use for it.

• About body weight and gymnastics exercise, along with some crushingly effective workouts to improve this area of your fitness.

• About weight / body / Olypmiclifting;how it works, what to do, and why it helps your fitness levels rise.

• How to create your own Crossfit fitness regiment and stick to it.

Book Two: Strength Training: Build Your Muscles, Get Lean and Stay Healthy with These Simple Beginner Tips

Exercise is a very important part of our lives. We need to exercise to keep our muscles strong as well as allow us to enjoy life to its fullest. In this book, I will give you a full overview of everything that you need to do to get the ultimate results from your efforts.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• Diets – What to eat, how and why

• Exercises – What exercises you should be doing for your body and why

• Motivation – Why you need motivation and how to use it to gain your results

• And much more.

When you complete this book, you will have the foundation needed to get the most out of your strength training and the activities you are training for.

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