Saving Money: 8 Laws of Saving Money: Budgeting Your Savings and Debt, Managing Your Personal Finance That Doesn’t Suck (8 Laws of Self Improvement Book 2)


Saving: 8 Laws of Saving Money: Budgeting Your Savings and Debt, Managing Your Personal Finance That Doesn’t Suck
Have you ever been thinking that it’s time to start saving money, but you just can seem to get around to it? Personal finance sometimes feels like a money management burden that will never leave you debt free. In fact, Thomas Jefferson felt the same way. He had some very profound feelings about debt in both his public and private worlds, and he left behind some wise insight that allows us to realize we’re all in the same boat, with the same worries.
In this book Saving Money: The 8 Laws of Saving Money we cover 8 great money saving strategies and rules that will change your way of thinking about frugal living, and budgeting for beginners. Of course, we do this with a little help and insight from the words of Thomas Jefferson himself.
Law 1: Saving is Symbolic and Debt is Symbolic
We have to look past the abstract about what money symbolizes and see it for what it really is. We have to do the same with debt, and when it becomes clear that debt is a form of slavery we might think twice about volunteering for slavery.
Law 2: It’s Time to Break It Down
Let’s break down where the most obvious money habits that fail you. Remember, we’ve going to learn how to save money in a way that doesn’t suck, so first we cull the stuff we don’t care about. This activity will help with that challenge.
Law 3: Think of Your Savings Like Its a Bill That Must Be Paid To Yourself
How frustrating when this rule is so much easier said than done. Let’s discuss the reality of this concept, and find out how to make it happen.
Law 4: Start Making Comparisons about the Services You Subscribe To
This where the meat of your savings happens. You don’t need to cut into the quality of your life like you think you might, and you can still save hundreds of dollars a.month.
Law 5: Don’t be Fooled by the Smoke and Mirrors of the Guy Standing Next to You
Keeping up with the Jones’s is the biggest scam society ever made you believe. Cause the Jones’s might be stupid with their personal finance. Learn to be smarter than the next guy, not fooled into consuming every shiny thing.
Law 6: Don’t Make Emotional Money Decisions
Don’t be tripped up over your emotions. Learn a few useful skills to work with those emotional feeling.Discover when it’s time to buy the thing you love, and when to turn and walk away.
Law 7: Know Your Team
Not everybody cares about your success. Identify who to work with and who to say no to when it comes to digging into your pockets.
Law 8: Small Goals vs. Big Goals
We all have the goal that drives us to financial success, but you want to discover how the small goals will help you achieve the bigger ones. In fact, you might need to buy that laptop and reward yourself, if you want to make it to that big dream goal.

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