Rebuilding your credit and finances after setbacks with credit expert Gerri Detwieler


In this interview with credit expert Gerri Detweiler from we covered common sense ways to recover your credit after financial set backs.

You are responsible for your credit report. No one is going to make sure it is accurate for you. now offers the free credit report card where you can get clear cut details on what area of your report to focus on in order to improve your credit score.

You can also find some of the products that you can use to build credit if you are just starting out as a young adult, or need to make smart choices about how to bounce back from a rough patch financially. Check out some of the tools they offer at

I really liked what Gerri said about matching you with credit products you are more likely to get approved for based on wht your free credit report card shows you.


December 26th, 2015 by