RAD 1 Pair Heavy Duty Knee Wraps For Power-lifting/Bodybuilding,Gym White Camouflage



RAD Knee Wraps are designed to provide maximum comfort and support. You can make your wrap choice depending on how much support you need. These are constructed of extra heavyweight cotton elastic for maximum support.The wraps are Camouflage color. Ideally developed for the hard-core bodybuilding, power-lifter or weight-lifter alike. This is a pair of cotton elastic knee wraps, each wrap is approximately 2 meter long and inch wide.Made of heavy-duty Poly-Cotton elastic.One Pair.
2 Meter long and 3″ wide, a standard one size fits all.
Super tight extreme rubber standard knee wraps designed for the ultimate rebound.
Designed to grip the skin which eliminates the need for chalking the knees.
Ideal cold pack therapy for optimum recovery of acute knee injuries.Excellent value for money

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