Public Speaking Topic Secrets For College, Community, Toastmasters and TED talks



“…The book offers lucid and practical guidance to discover the purpose and tools to a great talk anywhere, everywhere. This little book is smart and genuinely human to help people stand up and effectively share their amazing ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world…. A practitioner’s toolkit to public speaking!”
– Nancy Katyal, Lead Image Coach and Soft skills Trainer,
“Good research and simple language. References of speeches will help the audience understand the topic more appropriately. This book is indeed a great read. Ideas that have been shared in this book seem to address the basic problem of selecting a topic. Impact of the book is so much that I already got an idea for my next speech.”
– Pritam Arekar, 2013 District 41 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Champion
“The book presents an amazing amalgamation of simplicity and efficacy of ideas in selecting speech topics. The gripping speech illustrations further help the reader in weaving the ideas into a storyline. The book is written with such spontaneity that it not only acts as a guide to Public Speaking but also ensures that the reader enjoys the journey of writing a speech.”
– Manisha Rana, Corporate Executive HR, ITC

Stuck for a speech presentation because of lack of a speech topic idea?
Do you want to Rock at your college, community, toastmasters or TED talks? “Public Speaking Topic Secrets for College, Community, Toastmasters and TED talks” will help you discover your perfect topic. You’ll be able generate topics based on your purpose, whether you want to inform, entertain, persuade or inspire.

70+ Pathways to Help You Find the Best Speech Topic Idea That You’d Love to Present:
Hence, you’ll be able to:
– Stop wasting days and nights thinking of a speech topic
– Invest your time productively by only focusing on crafting your speech
– Get 27 surefire ways to find an Idea for writing Informational Speeches
– Get ideas to write your short description to send to TED curator about your TED talk
– Focus on 7 key areas in your life to generate topic ideas for entertaining speeches
– Get ideas for writing memorable speeches at your toastmasters club
– Get 15 surefire ways to find ideas for Persuasive speeches inspired by 4 World Championship speeches and 11 TED speeches
– Stand out with your presentation in your community or college
– Get topic ideas for toastmasters humorous or International speech contests
– Get 21 surefire ways to find ideas for Inspiring speeches inspired by 11 World Championship speeches and 8 TED speeches

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