Public Speaking Secrets for ESL: How To Deliver A Perfect Presentation For ESL Students


Delivering A Presentation When English is Your Second Language

Imagine having command of the English language with enough confidence to stand before a group of people from work or school and talk with the authority you have in your field of expertise. When English is your second language, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s your first presentation or your fiftieth. Every time you step before an audience you may feel varying degrees of stage fright. It’s only natural. What’s not natural is to be so paralyzed by the fear when you actually refuse speaking engagements even if it jeopardizes your career.

Research has shown that 75 percent of the North American population experiences “stage fright” at some point in their lives, whether it’s standing up before a classroom to speak or giving a presentation to a group of thousands. Many of these people are native English speakers. If they get nervous and have second thoughts, it’s only natural if English is your second language. Don’t allow stage fright to paralyze you and make you feel discouraged. As an individual with a professional career, you have vital information to share.

Regardless of whether you are giving a talk to your colleagues and supervisors or an auditorium of several hundred, this book is invaluable to you. From the finer nuances of presentation to the small but vital adjusting of your spoken word to ensure your pronunciation and elocution is as polished as possible, you’ll find tips, tricks, and techniques that have already worked miracles for thousands of other speakers.

And now these same ideas and concepts can change your speeches from so-so to sizzling within a matter of weeks.


• 5 major fears every speaker feels that are intensified when English is your second language.

• 7 easy ways to build a rapport with your audience – Secrets to polish your speaking abilities.

• 7 must-know tips to become the best speaker possible

• The meaning of signposting and how this simple technique can keep you on the right path in your speech.

• How to use what you believe are your biggest liabilities and transform them into your biggest assets.

• And much more!

If you’ve ever dreamed of presenting like the TED talk or just wishing you can turn your “fear factor” way lower, then this book is for you.

REMEMBER:If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll always get the same old results.

Tackle your fears today and discover the secrets for public speaking and how you can implement them.

Download this book now and start presenting professionally!

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