Public Speaking (Classic Reprint)



This book on public speaking attempts to provide fundamental rules and enough exercises to train members of a class to become effective speakers before audiences. It aims to be practical. The idea underlying the treatment is that the student will be continually doing much more speaking than studying. The greater part of most of the class sessions should be devoted to practice in speaking.

Teachers may not be able to use all the material and exercises in the volume. Omissions will be determined by local conditions and special purposes. It would be quite practicable to use the book during an entire term or year and go no farther than through Explaining (Chapter IX), reserving for the following term or year the remainder of the volume dealing with forms of argumentation.

The exercises are merely suggestive. They can be adapted easily to various conditions of locality, age, previous education, and personal interests of the members of the class. Their content, form, and purpose are the result of training both young and mature student speakers in classes in high school, law school, and university.

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