Millionaire Mindset: How Your Mind Is Making You Rich Not Your Money


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Would it surprise you to discover your brain is making you broke? That the foundation of every wealthy person alive started with something as simple as the right mindset.

Millionaire Mindset

Now I am not going to B.S. you and say that skills and knowledge don’t count along with taking consistent action but your mindset is the one thing that makes or breaks your success.

This explains why two people can win the same amount of money in a lottery and one ends up being broke while one never “works” again. Research from the National Endowment for Financial Education estimates that 70 percent of people who had unexpectedly come into large sums of money ended up broke within seven years.

Why would people squander such an opportunity?

Rich Mind = Big Money

People who are rich do not think poor. The people who lost all that lottery money just didn’t have the mindset to handle it. They most likely spent it on frivolous things because their mind told them they couldn’t have money – they’re poor.

Rich people go broke being they take risks but many of them just rebuild their fortune all over again. Donald Trump is a classic case of a rich mindset. He has been broke more than once and yet rebuilt his fortune each time. You might be thinking it is because of his contacts, knowledge and money management skills and you are right to a point.

There are people in the world smarter and more skilled than he is and yet they will never achieve the level of wealth they desire because their minds will not allow it. Donald has a mindset that will not allow him to be anything but wealthy, poor isn’t an option for him. 

Clarity Is Power

Tony Robbins states that clarity is power. What does that mean? It means that you will never achieve what you believe you desire without getting clear on exactly what you want. Just thinking you want to be wealthy is not enough. What exactly do you want to do to become wealthy? What does wealthy even mean to you?

Are you willing to do it?

Setting goals is the number one way to get what you want in life. They force you to define the actions you need to take in order to achieve the goals you set. Personally I was lost for years thinking I wanted one thing only to discover I was failing because I had set the wrong goals. They were based on what I thought I needed to do to become wealthy. Not what I was willing to do.

Once you discover what you are not willing to do, you can create the path you are passionate about taking to find wealth. You do not need to be Bill Gates, Tony Robbins or Donald to be rich. There are very rich people out there that you will never hear about because they didn’t want to be publicly known, but they did want to be wealthy.

Action Takers Are Money Makers

After you finish reading this book you will have a choice to make. Do you think to yourself “I don’t know if I can do what he suggests” or “How can I implement these steps right away?” If you pick the first one chances are you are not ready to be rich just yet.

If you take action immediately, you stand a much greater chance of succeeding. Any time you gain newfound knowledge you have to take action on it. In the beginning, I read dozens of books only to think “this book wasn’t for me” and so I continued to struggle financially because I never took action.

Rich people go to bed thinking about how they are going to make more money the next day and when they wake up they take action. They are excited to live life not because they have the right mindset to live a wealthy life.

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