Mastering Stage Fright: How To Overcome Your Stage Fright And Conquer Performance Anxiety (Fear of Public Speaking, Perform, Performance Coaching, Performance … Presentation Skills, Presentation)


The Moment You Conquer One Fear Is The Minute You Conquer Many Fears

Discover How To Overcome Stage Fright And Performance Anxiety

“Mastering Stage Fright thoroughly covers the causes of stage fright which allowed me to have deep insight on what actions to implement in order to avoid it. Furthermore, the author does a beautiful job with providing different strategies that assist in coping with stage fright…I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from stage fright or for anyone who simply wishes to improve their crowd speaking or performing skills.” -heyitsaj

“I have needed to read a book like this for longer than I realized. There are lots of little things that are way easier to put into practice than I knew – even eating advice and relaxation techniques for before a speaking engagement. Armed with this I feel much more confident approaching public speaking.” -Chloe H.

“This was a helpful little book that provided useful tools and tricks to calming my stage fright nerves. I don’t do public speaking too often but when I do, I get really anxious and nervous. So being able to have a toolbox that I can reach to whenever the moment arises is a confidence booster in itself.” -T.P

Stage fright is something everyone will face at least a few times in their lives and if not handled properly, can keep us from giving our best performance or presentation. Even worse, it can be the cause of long-lasting pain and embarrassment that comes after a terrible stage performance. Don’t fall victim to stage fright or performance anxiety any longer! Take back control and perform at your best!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to take control of your stage fright and performance anxiety to be at your natural best on stage. Whether you are preparing to present in a classroom or to give a speech in front of thousands, following some simple techniques shown in this book can give you back the confidence you need to perform at your best. Practice and repetition of these techniques will definitely help you achieve your desire to improve every time that you are on stage.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Stage Fright
  • The Science of Stage Fright
  • Causes of Stage Fright
  • Controlling and Coping with Stage Fright
  • Proven Strategies to Overcome Stage Fright
  • And More!

Your Greatness Was Meant To Be Shared With the World, Not Hidden Within Yourself.

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