Human Growth Hormone Steroid and TRT Made Me Into a Monster Bodybuilder: Beginners bodybuilding (Beginner’s weightlifting, Gallon of Milk a Day, in Seoul, Korea Book 3)


Human growth hormone has remarkable effects. Testosterone can make you a lot stronger and bigger. Are these for you? If you’re like me and can grow six inch long chest hairs anywhere on your body at will you may want to consider buying and reading my book. You will feel and be stronger on testosterone. I guess you knew that. Did you also know?


Your face will look more attractive on HGH!


Aside from helping you grow new muscle cells, sleep better, recover faster and grow stronger, yes, strangely faces look better on Human Growth Hormone. It is true! I can attest to that personally. A few days after taking it a reserved lady at my gym who had seen me many times before rounded the reception counter stared at me in the face and said ‘you are so handsome’. If you try it for a few days you will notice this effect also. Also, various websites refers to this side effect on the internet. The skin somehow sits better on the face.

There are other great things about HGH and testosterone. Follow my lighthearted bodybuilding journey…take a look inside the cover.

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