Hot, Sexy Taxes!: A Lighthearted, Easy Guide to Your Taxes in Today’s Freelance and Gig Economy


Hot, Sexy Taxes! is an easy-to-read guide to income and other taxes for people in today’s gig and freelance economy.

Hot, Sexy Taxes! will guide you through the tax issues that affect you in the gig economy. In a few short, fun to read chapters, Hot, Sexy Taxes! will tell you what the issues and tax traps (the ‘gotchas’) are, and how they might affect you. You’ll learn how to prepare for them, what questions to ask and what breaks can help you – so that you can keep as much of your money as legally possible.

As a tax preparer and a veteran of the gig economy, I have helped many people keep more of their money and avoid big tax bills. I want to share this information with you. So that you’ll be aware. So that you’ll be prepared. So that you won’t be afraid of tax time. I’ve done months of tax research for you, and I’ve faced the same issues myself. If you read Hot, Sexy Taxes! today, you’ll know enough to start saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on your taxes by tomorrow. If you wait, you could miss out on using some tax-savings strategies that expire at the end of this year – or that may change when the Administration does!

Whether you’re a writer, quilter, musician, professor, or a dog-walker, you can save money on your taxes and avoid trouble with the IRS and your state tax authorities by following the tips in this brief and breezy guide.

If you’re working in the gig economy, you should read this book! If you’re doing your own taxes and you want to know many of the issues ahead of time, you should read this book! If you’re using a tax preparer, you should read this book so that you know how keep records properly throughout the year, and so you know what records to bring along with you when you meet with your preparer! If you’re a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or tax preparer who needs an easy way to inform your clients about how their taxes work and what records they need bring to you, you should give them this book! If you’re thinking of working in the United States and you need to know something about the income tax issues you might face here, you should read this book!

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