Give Your Speech: How to Captivate Your Audience through Eye Contact, Podium Usage, and Voice Modulation (Public Speaking Essentials Book 3)


“I turned to Ms. Marcotte seeking professional advice prior to one of the most important presentations of my NASA career. Like many other NASA scientists, I had been presenting scientific and technological papers to audiences for years, both in the U.S. and abroad. Nonetheless, Ms. Marcotte’s coaching not only vastly improved my style, but also augmented my confidence. This encouraged me to address an elite group of professionals outside the tangible limits of my credentials. The outcome was highly successful and my presentation was well-received.”
John J. Chapman, NASA Scientist, retired

Una M. Marcotte honed the skills she developed as a Fortune 500 speaker so her public speaking know-how would be easy-to-learn and practical when she taught public speaking at the college level and at a non-profit organization. She tailored her expertise to deal with the fears, difficulties, and challenges faced by people who came to her asking for help with their presentations.

In Give Your Speech, you will receive tips on how to make your speech presentation shine. Key components of delivery include eye contact, your attire, podium usage, and voice characteristics. The book describes how your presentation begins from the moment you arrive at your event. It also addresses how to handle problems like faulty equipment, a shaky voice, and disruptive audience member.

Furthermore, in the the Bonus Section of this book, you will derive the benefit of excerpts from an interview with Ms. Marcotte in which she tackles typical problems speakers have, such as:

* What to do if no one introduces you
* What to do when you’re about to go overtime
* How to handle problems with the microphone or audiovisual equipment
* What to do when someone stands up, interrupts, and won’t sit down
* A mistake that will lead to loss of control of your audience

Give Your Speech is the third in a series of e-books called Public Speaking Essentials. Although the books in the series follow a logical sequence from creating to preparing to giving your speech followed by handling the question/answer session at the end of your speech, the books do not have to be read in order. Each is a complete entity in itself and is written so that it can stand alone.

The four books in the series are:

– Create Your Speech
– Prepare Your Speech
– Give Your Speech
– Control Questions


This book series is designed to help anyone with no knowledge or experience in public speaking to create an effective speech in the easiest, most economical way. In addition to providing efficient directions for a successful speech, there are also useful techniques to overcome the fear of public speaking and tips to successfully deliver a speech, create visuals, and confidently handle question and answer sessions at the end of your speech. Based on the author’s years of experience as a speaking coach, a Q&A session can be another type of fearful experience for many people.


Una M. Marcotte worked for such Fortune 500 corporations as the Xerox Corporation, Miller Brewing, Wang Laboratories, and Bull Information Systems. While employed as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Wang, Una had the opportunity to lecture and teach groups about new products and releases. She lectured throughout the United States as well as in Germany, France, Hong Kong, and Australia.

After a move to Virginia Beach, Virginia, she served as an adjunct professor in Public Speaking for Tidewater Community College and directed the speakers program for the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment where she also conducted speaker training classes for eleven years. Retired, she still coaches speakers upon request.

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