GARP 2016 ERP Exam Review Part I: Financial (Wiley Finance)

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The GARP-led preparation guide to traded energy products and risk

The GARP 2016 ERP Exam Review is an essential resource for Energy Risk Professional exam preparation. Detailing the unique link between physical energy commodity markets and financial trade instruments, this two-volume guide helps you master the measurement and management of energy risk. Part I covers exploration, production, transportation, storage, refining, processing, and distribution of physical energy commodities. Written by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), this study guide is more than just exam preparation—it’s an expert-led resource that will enhance your understanding of the complex energy value chain; sharpen your risk identification, analysis, and management skills; and help you stay ahead of emerging trends across the energy industry.

Becoming a certified Energy Risk Professional is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to the energy industry and stand out from your peers. This book is the ultimate ERP exam prep resource, with guidance through the entire curriculum, straight from the source.

  • Understand the structure and mechanics of the energy markets
  • Learn essential approaches to enterprise risk management
  • Master important data and risk analysis methods
  • Apply risk management fundamentals within the energy market sphere

The Energy Risk Professional designation is the first and only global certification for energy professionals, and is earned by passing a rigorous, practice-oriented exam designed to test fundamental concepts associated with physical energy products and the financial risk inherent in the energy markets. The GARP 2016 ERP Exam Review Part I is a complete guide to traded energy products and risk, with complete coverage of the financial aspect of the exam.

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