Fear of Public Speaking | Mikey Bolts & Gabbie Hanna | Ep 2 | ANXT


Cough… Ahem… Um… can we get some water? We’re not so great infront of groups. Neither is Jasmaine Graben. Thankfully Mikey and Gabbie are here to help us all out.


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ANXT is the show to help u get over ur fears on YouTube. ur fearless co-hosts Gabbie and Mikey, are working out whatever scares you.
Hate letting ur friends use ur phone because of germs? Afraid of spiders or heights? You told us your fears and we brought some of you to Los Angeles to help you get over ur fears!

Astronauts Wanted:
We scan the infinite digital landscape looking for you… You makers, dreamers, doodlerss, creators and accidental geniuses. We see you… You undiscovered and rising stars of digital and social space. We ask you “Hey, what do you want to make… a show, a movie, a performance, something else…” Then we help you make it. And make it great.

Fear of Public Speaking | Mikey Bolts & Gabbie Hanna | ANXT


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