Entrepreneurship in Finance: Successfully Launching and Managing a Hedge Fund in Asia



Thinking of launching your own hedge fund? Want to learn more about the different steps involved in setting up and scaling a hedge fund? Want to understand what are the global best practices in order to grow your existing hedge fund and attract institutional investors? 

This book is the first hands-on publication to set out in concrete and practical terms the various steps and considerations necessary to successfully launch and manage a hedge fund in Asia, with a particular focus on Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Whilst most other hedge fund books cover the investment side of the hedge fund business, this book specifically provides in-depth insights into the crucial – and often misunderstood – non-investment aspects involved in launching a hedge fund business.

It places particular focus on the legal, regulatory, fund structuring, tax, governance, capital raising, fund terms, budgeting, talent, office space, technology, operational and service provider selection considerations, from the pre-launch phase to the expansion and institutionalisation of the business. 

It is written for:

  • any individual or team aiming to launch a hedge fund and seeking practical and experienced guidance;
  • any existing hedge fund manager looking to grow and attract institutional-quality capital and investors;
  • any fund manager or other industry participant globally intending to set up a presence in Asia 
  • any academic looking to learn more about the practical aspects of the hedge fund industry 
  • any student hoping to discover more about the hedge fund industry as a career choice. 


November 27th, 2016 by