Communication Skills: How To Master The Art Of Negotiations (Communication Skills,Social Skills,Charisma,Conversation,Body Language,Confidence,Public Speaking) (Volume 3)



How To Master The Art Of Negotiations

Every day, we encounter situations to negotiate whether at work with your boss or at home with your spouse and children. When we make big life purchases like a home or car, these are also situations where negotiation skills can be useful. When you talk to your kids to negotiate home matters, it pays to use your negotiation skills so that they get a head start into paradigms such as win-win philosophy and fairness. Therefore this is a skill worth learning well. In fact, we should consider it as one of the life skills necessary to be successful in life and for you not to be taken advantage of. The workplace now demands collaboration and interdependence. This ensures many situations for negotiation to be necessary or else conflict will ensure. Knowing negotiation skills will allow you to excel in your workplace. One of the better definitions of negotiation that I have encountered is: a process of exchange to resolve conflict and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. A lot of people equate negotiation with conflict. This is a big misconception. If we see negotiations as conflict, then it becomes something to avoid at all costs.

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

  • Establishing Trust & Likeability
  • Release The Ego
  • The Art Of Research
  • Body Language
  • Emotions
  • so much more !

When you download Communcation Skills: How To Master The Art Of Negotiations you will soon look forward to negotiations instead of being afraid of them. Buy this book today!

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