Busting the Financial Planning Lies: Learn to Use Prosperity Economics to Build Sustainable Wealth



Is it possible that everything you have been told about building wealth is wrong?

For decades, typical financial planning has sold itself on perpetuating a fundamental lie—that you can reach prosperity through its methods. But truly prosperous individuals don’t follow typical financial planning. They know that most mainstream money advice is not intended to make you wealthy; it is intended to keep you from being poor. Big difference. And like any advice for the masses, it is geared toward the lowest common denominator.

Busting the Financial Planning Lies strips away the myths surrounding money and charts a course toward true prosperity. This book is not for everyone—it is for those of you who sense there is a greater truth than what you hear on the typical cable TV money show or financial talk radio program. You want to zig when others zag.

Among other things, this book challenges several popular money mantras:

  • Your home is your best investment.
  • Put as much money into your 401(k) as possible.
  • The stock market can make you rich.
  • Make extra payments toward your mortgage.
  • Life insurance is something only beneficial in the event of your death.
  • The time is now to decide whether you want to strategize for comfort or prosperity. This book will not only help you make that decision, but will reveal the atypical ways prosperity-minded people make their money work for them.

    December 3rd, 2016 by