Budget your Finances without being a Human Calculator


*Budget your Finances without being a Human Calculator*

This week we’ll round out our Budget your Life series with Part 4 – Budget Your Finances WITHOUT being a Human Calculator with special guest +Stephanie Sims .

Stephanie refers to herself as a recovering investment banker who champions the small business owner. She understands business finance. She knows how business owners feel when they lay awake at night worrying about funding their startup or growing business, finding financial partners, and how to develop an exit strategy. 

This week, Stephanie is going to help us understand budgets for the small business owner and entrepreneur.

We’ll be discussing *7 Ways to budget without being a human calculator*.

⇒ How to keep your business and personal spending separate
⇒ Which questions you need to ask about spending and do the research
⇒ How to detail an “average month”
⇒ Use the envelope system
⇒ Round up before purchasing
⇒ Which rules you need to put in place, as the owner
⇒ Control employee expenses with more rules

Tackling a budget to grow your business, it isn’t easy, it’s no fun. 
But *I tell you what is fun, profit!* 

See you this week at Get on Track, Stay on Track. 
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