Boosting Your Credit Score: Steps to Begin Fixing Your Credit and Control Your Finances (Financial Planning & Debt Management)


One of the most important numbers you will need in your adult life will be your credit score. Unfortunately, too many people are not sure of what their number is, what it means and how it can impact their life. This book is your crash course in not only learning what a credit score is but how it can affect things in your day to day living. And while things like identity theft are bad enough, the average credit score is damaged more by our own actions. Now is the time to learn why your credit score is so important and even more importantly how to start mending that number so that you have a brighter future, one without the endless struggle of bad finances.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• How to access your full credit report for free and what you should be looking for once you get it.

• How frequently errors can negatively impact your credit rating.

• The many things that can damage your credit.

• How to start building credit whether you are working on coming back from bankruptcy or just starting out on your own.

• The many dangers that lurk in the world of “credit repair”.

• How often you should really be checking your credit report.

All of this and much, much more is waiting for you. Don’t risk your financial health any longer- get this book today!

December 26th, 2015 by