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Bodybuilding Motivation Live Large or Die Trying

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Success Comes from pain. So embrace it. Pain is temporary but success lasts. If you die tryin, you’re a hero, if you quit, you loses.

You have to eat large to grow large, sleep tight to support the growth, LIFT hard to build a bigger body/muscle and REPEAT. Bodybuilding is not about goals, egos, or lifting weights or achieving a title. It’s a LIFESTYLE, It’s about PASSION. ROME wasn’t built in a day. So your body will not be build overtime. It takes years of hard work, passion, training and supplementation, nutrition to build a strong body. In this meantime motivation and strong mind is your only adrenalin.

Bodybuilding is not just a sport or not just about achieving a goal. It’s not about being the big guy in the gym or being a champion. It’s about passion, hard work, sweat, consistency. It’s a lifestyle. Muscle doesn’t come from pain or lifting weights . It comes from being humble, doing hard work in the gym, stay motivated and from prepared to do anything. Are you doing whatever it takes?

When you think of quitting , you know what will happen? You are trying, you did not catch you dream but you didn’t lose. You are just going to catch your dream SLOWLY. But quitting however, you will lose and you will bear the pain FOREVER. Don’t you dare quitting, don’t you dare.

This video is just not about some motivational lifting or Mr. Olympia’s VLOG. It’s about the lifestyle and consistency that made these man THE MAN they are today. Take a deep look at this and tell, are you training hard like this? Are you eating clean like this? Are you giving proper nutrition to you muscle like this? Don’t just watch this, try to think and apply it as a lifestyle. If they can do it, you can do it.


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