Body Language: Discover How to See, Interpret, and Show Body Language Signs – Improve Your People Skills, Dating Relationships, and Official Gatherings … Secrets, body language for dummies)


This book gives a brief lesson on body language and how it can be used and interpreted in a modern society for many uses. The book will explore body language and its various uses in several settings, including work, personal and professional presentations. Readers who explore it will get a general idea of what constitutes body language and what forms of body language are more suitable for what situation.

The book is meant to serve as an introductory lesson on the art of body language. It is a discipline that has been studied extensively for decades by those who’ve spent many years educating themselves in order to study and analyze it. To explain the entire science of body language would take several books, even volumes to do.

This short guide will teach the basics for anyone wishing to improve his or her body language skills in practical settings. The tips and skills mentioned here can be mastered rather quickly, even by those with difficulties getting their point across in a non-spoken manner. Those who have already mastered body language can use this as a refresher. Keep it nearby as a handy guide to brush up on skills before your next big or small social endeavor where every part of the body will be watched as much as the mouth.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • What is Body Language?
  • Body Language in Work Settings
  • Body Language in Social Settings
  • Improving Your Body Language
  • Body Language in Larger Settings
  • Interpreting Body Language

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