A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Boardroom: Using Humor in Business Speaking, 2nd Edition


This revised second edition of the business humor classic features significantly updated material, a wealth of new jokes, and two completely new chapters. Like the original volume, it teaches you how to inject humor into your presentations or your everyday life using the tried and true techniques professional comedians use to get people to laugh, relax, and (most importantly) listen. In addition to solid how-to advice, the book provides a comprehensive listing of one-liners categorized by subject, a collection of humorous “stories to make a point,” and a separate group of stories called “Jokes to Make You the Life of the Party”—simply the funniest story jokes the author has ever heard. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Boardroom, 2nd Edition will show you how to instantly command the attention of everyone in the room—and hold on to it.

Praise for the First Edition

“Iapoce has assembled everything you need to improve your presentation style . . . It has real value on a number of levels, from just adding a joke or two to your repertoire to all-out instruction on how to write and deliver your own humorous material.”
–Cliff McGoon, former vice-president of communication, International Association of Business Communicators

“Teaches the reader how to tailor-make things that happen to them in life and turn them into humorous happening. It’s a must for every business person who needs to speak.”
—Terrence J. McCann, former Executive Director, Toastmasters International

“Filled with information about how to use humor comfortably and effectively . . . An easily digestible cure for humor phobia.”
–Henry Holtzman, St. Petersburg Times

Table of Contents: Preface Part One: The Skills Chapter 1: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Be Funny Chapter 2: Selecting Appropriate Humor Chapter 3: Using Humor That Suits Your Personality Chapter 4: Delivering Humor with Style Chapter 5: Thinking Funny Chapter 6: Switching—Giving Old Jokes New Style Chapter 7: Creating Your Own Humor—Joke Writing 101 Part Two: The Jokes One-Liners for All Occasions Jokes to Make You the Life of the Party Stories to Make a Point Appendix: A (Very) Brief Recommended Reading List

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