49 Habits for Public Speaking Success: How to fix common speaking mistakes quickly and easily


Get better speaking habits today.

The format of this book is simple.

The chapter title outlines the habit a good speaker wants to have
I will explain the symptoms of the speaker’s problems when they do not follow this habit
I will give a diagnosis of the problem to better understand why the habit is not being followed
I will estimate the chance of recovery in the future
Finally, I will propose a prescription for mastering the new habit
Take this advice and you can save every presentation. Today and in the future.

We can avoid or fix almost every mistake if we are willing to work on changing our habits.

How to use this book

Choose any chapter heading and go to that habit as you need it.

Public speaking does not need to be something we are afraid of. But if we keep making mistakes we will not want to do it.

Learn how to replace bad habits with good. Scroll back up and order today.

“Mark Davis made me cringe when I read this book – I saw many mistakes I had made in my early speaking career. He knows what he is talking about and I am glad to have this resource to help me be a better speaker.”
Matt Kramer, author of Tactical Talks

November 29th, 2016 by